Q:How long is the charging time?

A: An empty battery is charged in about 3-4 hours.

Q:Can I put the yoo in the trunk of my car?

A: Yes, you can unscrew the handlebars, so the measurment of the yoo is only 35x45x25cm.

Q:Can I drive the yoo on public roads?

A: This depends on the local legislation. In some countries like Germnay a certification is required. We are working on that point.

Q:Is the yoo also available as a kit?

A: Yes, we sell the yoo as complete assembled unit and also as a preassembled kit.

Q:Is it difficult to assemble the kit by myself?

A: No, you need some tools (wrench, crewdriver). The total assembling time is aprox. 2-3h.